International Islamophobia Studies Research Association (IISRA)

Inaugural conference

States of Islamophobia (Studies)


July 14-16, 2022

While research over the past few decades has highlighted the various ways discrimination, racism, and bigotry have become common occurrence in the lives of Muslims as a racialized and targeted group, the need for more systematic and persistent scholarship remains urgent.  In the context of the intensified levels of violence and cases of genocide directed at Muslims and the demonization of Islam as a “non-Western” religion, the the International Islamophobia Studies Research Association’s (IISRA) vision is to form the global architecture for the field of Islamophobia Studies. In the Islamic tradition, the Arabic acronym for this academic association refers to a nocturnal journey leading to knowledge and spiritual insight known as ‘Isra.’ As an interdisciplinary scholarly network, IISRA draws on this meaning in the development of a ‘global caravan’ dedicated to mobilizing academic knowledge that documents and challenges Islamophobia on a planetary scale.

The inaugural conference will be an important step toward actualizing IISRA’s mission to support the dissemination of academic research and publicly engaged scholarship on Islamophobia through academic fora that will facilitate the transnational, multidirectional flow of knowledge across academia, policy and government, media, and global civil society. By engaging in knowledge mobilization activities—such as networking, disseminating, exchanging, and supporting research-based knowledge, IISRA will provide the hub for academic leadership in the field of Islamophobia Studies.

The call for papers is an open invitation for all the co-producers of knowledge, resistance, and decolonial framing of the world to gather and discuss how to bring about the future horizons to which we all aspire.  We invite papers that take stock of the “States of Islamophobia Studies” in a variety of interdisciplinary and transnational contexts.

The conference seeks papers that examine how the Muslim subject is constructed in public discourses, the distinct periods (historical or contemporary), and the regional specificity of such framings.  We encourage the submission of fully-formed panels that can address the theme of the inaugural conference, either from one particular academic field or in an interdisciplinary framing.

Abstracts are limited to 300 words and a one paragraph (100 words) biography to be used for the program, if the paper is selected.

Abstracts are due by May. 31st, 2022

Response to abstracts by June 5th, 2022

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IISRA's Board

Hatem Bazian - President, USA

Salman Sayyid - Vice President, UK

Jasmin Zine - Vice President, Canada

Munir Jiwa- Secretary, USA

Saul Takahashi- Treasurer, Japan

Board Members at Large

Abdool Karim Vakil, UK

Amina Easaat-Das, UK  

Rabab Abdul-Hadi, USA

Nadia Fadil, Belgium   

Farid Hafez, Austria and USA 

Elsadig Elsheikh, USA 

Mattais Gardell, Sweden

Marwan Muhammed, France

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