Dear Authors,

Please use this site to submit original articles to be considered for publication in the Islamophobia Studies Journal.  

The Islamophobia Studies Journal is a bi-annual peer-reviewed publication that focuses on the critical analysis of Islamophobia and its multiple manifestations in our contemporary moment.

ISJ is an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual academic journal that encourages submissions that theorize the historical, political, eco- nomic, and cultural phenomenon of Islamophobia in relation to the construction, representation, and articulation of “Otherness.” TheISJ is an open scholarly exchange, exploring new approaches, meth- odologies, and contemporary issues.

The ISJ encourages submissions that closely interrogate the ideo- logical, discursive, and epistemological frameworks employed in processes of “Otherness”—the complex social, political, economic, gender, sexual, and religious forces that are intimately linked in the historical production of the modern world from the dominance of the colonial/imperial north to the post-colonial south. At the heart of ISJ is an intellectual and collaborative project between scholars, researchers, and community agencies to recast the production of knowledge about Islamophobia away from a dehumanizing and sub- ordinating framework to an emancipatory and liberatory one for all peoples in this far-reaching and unfolding domestic and global process.